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17 abril 2016

Buckaroo, Il Winchester Che Non Perdona [Buckaroo, A Winchester Que Não Perdoa] "For Tomorrow I May Die" Letra/Lyric Inédita

Buckaroo, A Winchester Que Não Perdoa
Buckaroo, Il Winchester Che Non Perdona - Itália
Buccaroo - El Winchester Que No Perdona - Espanha
Buckaroo Ne Pardonne Pas - França
Enas Pistoli Keravnos - Grécia
Buckaroo: The Winchester Does Not Forgive - USA
Buccaroo - Galgenvögel Zwitschern Nicht - Alemanha

Música: Dean Reed
Interprete: Dean Reed
Harmônica: Franco De Gemini

“For Tomorrow I May Die”

I came looking for vengeance one day
But instead a love it came in a way
Tomorrow I’ll fight and maybe I’ll die
The love that I lost, I’ll never know why

I came to town, tired and lonely
Searching for a man of hate
My father died by his hands
Oh what will be my fate

Tomorrow I must face him down
Through the narrow streets of town
For this man tomorrow I’ll see
Also he turned my loved one from me

And if I die I’ll have no fear
Although I wish you could be near
And when the nights grow so cold
I hope in your dreams it’s I you’ll hold
For tomorrow I may die

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