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25 maio 2015

Oklahoma John [ Il Ranch Degli Spietati ] Letra/Lyric Inédita na Web

Oklahoma John - Brasil
Il Ranch Degli Spietati - Itália
Oklahoma Colt - Grécia
O Homem de Oklahoma - Portugal
Alçaklar Affedilmez - Turquia
Ranch of the Ruthless - USA
The Man from Oklahoma - USA
Der Sheriff von Rio Rojo - Alemanha

Música: Francesco de Masi [Frank Mason]
Letra: Giulia de Mutiis
Intérprete: Cantori Moderni di Alessandro Alessandroni
Harmônica: Franco  De Gemini

"Oklahoma John"

Their life was bad in Oklahoma
He´s there wasn´t very again
There know what could be freedom to you
Where him leave to hand on you three
But life play an ranger as strong as a gunman
That life new was man would simply John, John

And there you tall cleaned day and law here
And feel start against again
Sunrise, no my star here go ranger
In this there very green field again
So John
There happened was death
Go, John,
Go, John,
John, John

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2 comentários:

  1. Edelzio I believe the words were written by an Italian in English without the use of an interpreter. You can get his meaning but the words basically make little sense the way they were written. Best, Tom

  2. Many of these songs are without much meaning with unfounded statements and it is very strange because the words are there.
    A time when it was a song in one day to complement the editing work hastily and now perceive these irregularities.


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