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20 maio 2013

Tequila Joe - Letra/Lyric Inédita

Tequila Joe - Brasil

...E Venne il Tempo di Uccidere
Chegou o Tempo de Matar (Brasil) 
And Then a Time for Killing (USA)
Música/Letra/Lyric: Francesco de Masi
Interprete: Raoul Lovecchio

"A Man Alone"

A man walks all alone
Because the day and dark is the night
His eyes don’t see the moon above
And everything
I fail

So, is no worth while
He is no more a man, what a shame
His walking heart will ride away
But he can’t succeed to get in

Maybe someday, someone will come
To warn this man, this poor man to fight away

A man walks all alone
His heart is what he faces without fear
His mind reveals too late his lies
And his life without

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